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At Rave to Infinity, safeguarding the privacy of our valued customers and site visitors is paramount to us. As the operators of (the "Site"), we assure you that any data we collect is handled with the utmost security and care.

This notice has been established to provide you with insights into the following aspects:

  • The reasons and occasions for gathering information from you
  • How we utilize the collected data
  • With whom and why we share your data

Information Collection

Our commitment to enhancing your shopping experience and site interaction drives us to gather data that is strictly necessary. We categorize this information into "Personal Information" – which includes identifiers like your name and email facilitating personal identification, and "Non-Personal Information" – encompassing data such as your IP address or browser type, ensuring no personal identification.

Personal Information We Collect:

  • Account Creation: First Name, Last Name, Email
  • Order Placement: Full Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Shipping and Billing Addresses, Purchase Order
  • Contacting Us: Full Name, Email Address, Live Chat or Email Messages
  • Product Review Submission: Full Name, User Submitted Images/Videos (when applicable)

Non-Personal Information We Collect:

  • IP address and location
  • Current cart items
  • Browser software type
  • Dates and times of site access
  • Referral website address
  • Search engine search terms and clicks on our ads
  • Site navigation data (e.g., clicked items)


Cookies are utilized to enable the site to recognize you across visits, ensuring a seamless experience. For an in-depth understanding of our cookie policy, please refer to the Cookie Policy.

Utilization of Your Information

Transparency is key – we want you to be well-informed about the purposes behind the data we collect. Your information serves several core objectives:

  • Legitimate interests: Providing optimal browsing, shopping, and delivery experiences.
  • Consent: Using data as agreed upon for specific purposes.
  • Contractual: Fulfilling obligations under contractual agreements.
  • Legal obligation: Adhering to legal or statutory requirements.

Refer to the following for comprehensive insights into how we may use your data and the corresponding rationale:

Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone Number, Delivery Info)

Purpose Why We Do This:

Account setup: Streamlined shopping, order history maintenance, and personalized experience (legitimate interests)

Order updates: Resolving shipping issues, notifying via chosen channels (contractual)

Marketing updates: Sharing new products and offers as per your agreement (consent)

Fraud detection: Preventing potential fraudulent activities (legal obligation / legitimate interests)

Your Payment Information (we do not save credit card info)

Purpose Why We Do This:

Order processing: Capturing payment for contractual fulfillment (contractual)

Fraud detection: Preventing potential fraudulent activities (legal obligation / legitimate interests)

Your Message History (email, text, social media)

Purpose Why We Do This:

Customer Support: Providing assistance and issue resolution (contractual / legitimate interests)

Issue identification: Enhancing website and product quality based on feedback (legitimate interests)

Staff training: Ensuring exceptional customer service (legitimate interests)

Purchase History and Cart

Purpose Why We Do This:

Purchase facilitation: Enabling seamless transactions (contractual)

Cart reminders: Encouraging completion of pending orders (legitimate interests)

Returns and exchanges: Supporting customer service (contractual / legitimate interests)

Sales analysis: Optimizing stock and product selection (legitimate interests)

Browser and Network Information (IP Address, Browser/Phone Type)

Purpose Why We Do This:

Customized experience: Tailoring content to your location and optimizing site experience (legitimate interests)

Site enhancement: Improving website functionality (legitimate interests)

Security enhancement: Protecting against malicious attacks (contractual / legitimate interests)

Site Use Information (page visits, referral links, time stamps)

Purpose Why We Do This:

Research and analysis: Understanding user preferences for better website experience and product offerings (legitimate interests)

Issue identification: Improving problematic site areas (legitimate interests)

Product selection Adjusting stock and introducing new products (legitimate interests)

Your Submitted Photos/Videos

Purpose Why We Do This:

Enhanced shopping: Displaying user-submitted content for product showcase (consent / legitimate interests)

Data Sharing

Rest assured, we do not and will never sell your information. Trusted partners aiding in our privacy mission are the only ones we share with. These encompass:

  • Shipping & Delivery: Limited information shared with esteemed delivery services (e.g., USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL).
  • Payment Processing: Third-party secure payment processors for safe transactions.
  • Fraud Detection Agencies: Collaborating with credit card reference and fraud detection companies to combat fraud.
  • IT Companies: Select third parties assisting in enhancing website technology.
  • Marketing Companies: Secure third-party partners for marketing features (limited, secure data usage).
  • Consent-based Sharing: Information shared with companies approved by you.

Certain personal data is shared with approved social media sites upon your consent for account creation or login.

Data Retention

We retain your data as long as necessary for our services, subject to legal requirements and proceedings. Examples include:

  • Legal Obligations: Compliance with existing or future regulations.
  • Right to Deletion: Erasure when no legal obligations demand retention.
  • Legal Claims: Retention until legal proceedings conclude.

Marketing Messages

Consensual marketing messages are conveyed via channels like email, text, or Facebook Messenger. Clear instructions on unsubscribing are included in each message.

SMS/MMS Mobile Messaging

We respect your privacy. Your mobile message information is used only for message transmission and response, adhering to privacy protocols. Data is not sold to third parties.

California Residents

Under California Civil Code Section 1798.83, you can request disclosure of information shared with third parties for direct marketing. Contact us for details.

Contact Us

For queries about your personal information, contact us at Your questions will be addressed promptly.